The night shift is lonely place, but not tonight. New horror short currently in production.

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Our new animated series charting the history of aviation from a century ago. New episodes every month.

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About us

What do we have in Britian?

Britian is full of extraordinary talent, and so much of it is wasted by a industry that doesn’t work for our country, an industry focused on foreign studios and distant markets, almost never turning its gaze to home. Our mission is to show the world what we can do, and give the mountains of talented entertainers this country has the chance to build something they’re proud of. We are not an international studio nor a global distributor with eyes on distant lands and far off places, were a British studio, run by British people making entertainment for this beautiful land we call home.

Nestled between the rolling hills of Yorkshire we’ve built our reputation working with local business, museums and charities. Our founder is self-taught cinematographer and animator Matthew R. Bowns who frequently works with qualified history buff and presenter Joshua Daniels.


Who is Saint Nick?

So where did Santa Clause come from? Find out in our latest short.

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History of Halloween

Take a spooky jaunt through the history of Halloween with Josh Daniels as your guide.

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